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Panchal Ahmedabad also known as Pachvati Engineering Works is a name know all over India and Merchant Machinery Mart are the agents of Panchal Drill Machines in Mumbai, India over 25 years now. The proprietor Mr. Khozema Merchant has very friendly terms with Panchal Drilling Machines manufacturers. Panchal Drilling Machines are known for its accuracy in drilling holes. Pachal is into existence since more than 100 years now and they started off with Drilling Machines and moved on to making Radial drill Machines, Tapping Machines and eavy Duty Drill Machines too. They manufacture Drill Machine of 0.5(1/2)inch, 0.75(3/4) inch, 1inch, 1.25 inch and 1.5 inch. Panchal brand drilling machines comes with its original logo embedded into the casting body itself hence no duplication can be possible. We are exporters of this drill machine too.

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Below are the smallest size of Drilling Machines manufactured by Panchal. They are 0.5inch or 13 mm and 3.4″ or 20 mm.
Panchal Drill Machines – Panchvati Engineering Works – 1/2″ and 3/4″.


Panchal Drill Machines – Panchvati Engineering Works also manufactures 25 * 230 mm or 1inch and 25 * 385mm or 1.5 inch Drilling Machines.


Panchal Drill Machines – Panchvati Engineering Works – Technical Specifications



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