Industrial Turbine Blowers

The turbine blower is a non-positive displacement, high volume, high pressure, blower that can operate as either a compressor or a vaccum pump. It is also knows as other names such as regenerative blower, vortex blower and side channel blower. All of the names describe the basic principle of operation of the turbine blower.

The blower consist of a strong impeller mounted directly on a motor shaft and is rotated at very high speed of about 2900 R.P.M. On the periphery of the impeller is large number of radial blades. The impeller is positioned between two end plates and with the blades located with a channel on either side.

The turbine blower is also known as an ineffective multi stage compressor with each of the regeneration of the air becoming another stage.

The basic construction of a turbine blower means that the only moving part is the impeller and nothing else touches except bearings. The method of compression means that there is now requirement for lubrication and on the compression chamber. The discharge of air is oil-less. The blowers should be mounted vertically or horizontally

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Turbine blower is designed to meet the most critical application requirements. Each features an impeller, mounting base and housing manufactured of alluminium for maximum strength, reduces weight an increased corrosion resistance. The turbine blower is constructed as a unit for mechanical simplicity and maximum structural integrity. The elimination of clutches, gears, belts, and sliding vanes reduces periodic maintenance requirements while increasing reliability. All blowers impellers are dynamically balanced to virtual eliminate vibration while increasing overall long term reliability. All the models have a shaft to reduce the possibility of foreign materials in influx and preclude air contamination.

– Air pollution monitoring equipments
– Hopper loader
– Vaccum Lifting
– Gas transferring
– Electroplating Plant
– Effluents Treatment Plant
– Waste water treatment plant
– Manufacturing of textiles
– Medical laboratory and measuring equipments
– Printing and paper handling vaccum packaging
– Reprographics industry
– Aeration of Fluids
– Pnematic conveying
– Plastic Industry
– Industrial Ovens
– Vaccum cleaners

1) THERMAL PROTECTOR BUILT IN : This protects the motors from overheating and causes greater reliability to the turbine blower.
2) DIE CAST IMPELLER: Promotes smoother air flow and higher volumetric efficiency.
3) DYNAMICALLY BALANCED IMPELLER: Smooth operation. Allows vibration free installation in OEM equipment
4) SUCTION AND DISCHARGE SILENCERS – Reduces noise levels to below OSHA standards and makes it more comfortable for employees working near the blowers.
5) DOUBLE SHIELDED SHAFT BEARING: Better grease retension and increases reliability.
6) MOTOR-SHAFT-MOUNTED-IMPELLER: Eliminates the need of having coupling, gears, belts and hence nothing to break or wear out.
7) DUST PROOF SHAFT SEAL: Protects the bearings from contaminates and increases its life.
8) IMPROVED COOLING FAN DESIGN: Cools the motor and blower. Quieter running and more efficient.
9) COMPACT DESIGN: Space saving design makes it easier for EOM’s to incorporate the blower into their equipments

We also deal in centrifugal blowers, root blowers and vibrator motors
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