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RILON Inverter Technology

We are agents of RILON/RILOX welding machinery. The products be it arc welding, tig welding or mig welding have been for years now used by large number of companies and have been a successful product. These machine come with 1 year warranty and service would be provided on site in most of the locations of India.

Do go through the series of machinery along with its specifications and get back to us if you need any more clarifications.
RILON makes ARC Welding Machine of 200 Amperes, 250 Amperes, 315 Amperes, 400 Amperes, 500 Amperes, and 630 Amperes. The photos of these machine along with its specifications are given in details below

RILON/RILOX Arc Welding Machinery

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RILON also makes TIG Welding Machine i.e Arc and Argon Gas Welding Machines. These TIG Welding machine come in sizes of 200 Amperes, 250 Amperes, 300 Amperes, and 400 Amperes. Below are the images and specifications of the ARC + TIG welding machines in detail.

RILON/RILOX Inverter Technology

The images shown above are TIG Welding Machine with only DC welding. RILON/RILOX also makes Argon Gas Welding Machines or TIG Welding machines which are a combination of AC as well as DC. Find below the specifications of AC and DC combined TIG Welding Machines

RILON TIG MIG Welding Machines

RILON also has a large variety of MIG Welding Machines. These are highly precision machines and are required for very professional welding jobs. Please find below the detail specifications of the various sizez of MIG Welding Machine

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