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Threadle Shearing Machine And Machinery

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Treadle shearing machine are the most important machine in sheet metal industries as they lead amongst all on account of best design, rigid construction, lots of tests for the capacities and appearance. Treadle shears are specially designed for faster and continuous cutting of steel sheets of varied widths and trimming them in unlimited lengths.

*Strong tensile springs for quick return of treadle.
*4 Cutting edged hardened & ground quality blades.
*Tough and streamlined construction.
*Spring loaded sheet holding device.

In every threadle shearing machine, the bed and top beam have full adjustments for correct setting and easy removal of blades for accurate cutting and for regrinding. The spring loaded pressure pad holds the The spring loaded pressure pad holds the perfect parallelism of cutting on either side. The adjustable front and back guages with running Tee slots facilitate adjustment of various widths of the cuts and avoid any kind of twistings, turning of sheets while cutting. Square guide on the side of the table facilitates square cuts. The cutting edge blades avoid frequent grinding & adjustment and also very easy to grind to the rectangular shape.

These blades can be used with slight change in cutting angle to ribs, plastics, card board, rubber, mica etc., without any sign of squeezing or crushing.

Treadle Shearing Machine For Metal Cutting And Sheet Cutting
Treadle Shearing Machine Threadle Shearing Machine And Machinery

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