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Introduction Of Merchant Machinery Mart, Mumbai, India

Merchant Machinery Mart India established in Mumbai in 1981, has built for itself a strong presence in increasingly competitive markets. Promoted by the invaluable leadership and expertise of Mr. Khozema Merchant (B.E. Electrical) and his son Mr. Husain Merchant (B.E. Computers). We are proud to announce ourselves as the leading Exporters and Suppliers of a wide range of workshop machinery and machine tools needed in almost every kind of industry.

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Pneumatic Greaser Machine, Hand Greaser Machine, Penta Brand, Mumbai

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We have a wide range of cutting machines. Wood cutting Bandsaw machines of Milson Brand, Hydraulic and Mechanical Hacksaw Machine of Jaswant and Ambica Brand, Threadle Shearing Machines, Pipe Bending Machines. All these machines are from top manufacturers and we have the exclusive dealership rights for these machines. We can provide details and price for any kind of metal cutting, metal bending machines.

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Metrix Engineers,  Hyderabad
Metrix Engineers, Hyderabad

Dear Sir,

We have received your motorized hydraulic pipe bending machine model no HHW-3D and HHW-2D and we are please to inform you that it is perfect for our application. We were very sceptical in purchasing this earlier as we though the price would be too much but with the competitive rate you gave us we went ahead with the purchase and are extremely happy with the product.

We surely will have a long term relationship with you and purchase many more items from you taking your advice.

Thank you for all the help

Koyna Industries, Karad
Koyna Industries, Karad

Sir, we are greatly thankful for all the machines that you have send. It has been received at our end and the packing too was perfect to avoid any kind of damages.

We have not started using all of the machines yet but whatever we have started using all works fine to our satisfaction. We shall keep you updated with the feedback once we start using the remaining machines too. Thank you for everything.

Hindustan Composites Ltd, Aurangabad
Hindustan Composites Ltd, Aurangabad

Dear sir,

We have received all the 7 pc pillar drill machine at our end and after through inspections of all the machines our engineers have given their 100% satisfaction report. Only in 1 of the machine the small part with which we remove the drill chuck is missing. I guess it has fallen of in transport but it is fine as its not something important as communicated by our engineers and they can use from the other machines. We are greatly thankful for all your support and look forward to doing long term business with you. We are releasing your full and final payment within next 3 days.

United Marine Products, Salcette, Goa
United Marine Products, Salcette, Goa

Dear sir,

We have received the EVEREST Brand double piston car washers. The pressure is really amazing as had been informed by you. From the 2 pc 2 piston and 1 pc 1 piston we found that the 1 piston pressure is not sufficient. As spoken to you over the phone it was really nice of you to agree and exchange this 1 piston with another 2 piston. Normally the other dealers would never exchange the machine if its not their fault. This was completely our fault in selecting this machine and we are extremely grateful to you to exchange it for us.

We have sent the machine back in the same transport and have even couriered the cheque for the extra amount along