Car & Scooter Washer Pressure Pumps

Car Washer Scooter Washer – ARIT Brand

ARIT Brand car washers and scooter washers are growing at a rapid rate in the market. With its excellent sturdy body and the inlet outlet chambers made of unbreakable mild steel these pumps are growing fast in popularity. The pressure is excellent for various use like car washing, gardening, floor and building washing etc. All […]

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Car Washing Pump Scooter Washing Pump – Captain Brand

Captain is a soldier at power sprayers specially car washers and scooter washers and sprayers. It is a ISO 9001:2000 certified company. All the models of Captain power sprayers have passed severe and precise quality control tests at various stages of manufacturing. Captain car washer and sprayer are piston types pumps and come in large […]

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